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Education group

The education group drives the education acitivities of the Society. This group oversees the organisation of the SICS ICM course.

Martin Hughes is the Chairman of this group. Graham Nimmo has kindly provided us with the latest version of the very popluar adult medical emergencies handbook. Click on link in the right panel.


Adult medical emergency handbook (pdf 4 Mb)

Identifying sepsis early (pdf 0.4 Mb)

Identifying sepsis early, guide for instructors (pdf 0.3 Mb)

Scottish clinical simulation centre (link to external website)

Intensive care and simulation (pdf 1MB)


ECG learning website

Scottish clinical decision making community

Prevention of CVC infection - Module on NES (link to external website)

Rapid Sequence Induction (pdf 289 KB)

MSc in Critical Care, Cardiff University

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