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Other events of interest



Scottish Paediatric Anaesthetic Network Spring Meeting 2020-Tuesday 28th April 2020: Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Topics to  Include: Sustainability in Healthcare, Neonatal Surgical Emergencies, National Fellowship Update, Morbidity & Mortality, (all subject to change) website

Focused Intensive Care Echocardiography, Golden Jubilee National Hospital - September; advert, programme, application form

Scottish Society of Anaesthetists Spring Meeting – May (www.scottishsocietyofanaesthetists.co.uk)

Scottish Standing Committee of the AAGBI Annual Meeting – February (www.aagbi.org/about-us/committees/scottish-standing-committee)

Glasgow & West Society of Anaesthetists – (www.gwssa.org.uk)

6th Edinburgh Critical Care Research Methods Course-Click here for flyer

Scottish Airway Group (SAG) Annual meeting - March, Edinburgh. (http://www.scottishairwaygroup.co.uk/)

The Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh Evening Medical Updates - all throughout the year, http://events.rcpe.ac.uk/

Critical Care Evening Updates in conjunction with the West of Scotland Intensive Care Society and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow - run throughout the year, 7pm, second thursday of the month, free, events held at RCPSG and can be streamed to your local hospital, booking  https://rcpsg.ac.uk/events/sics, twitter @WOSCCT, facebook West of Scotland Critical Care Teaching


  • 12th September 2019: Cardiology - ACS/MI management, ECGs and Arrhythmias, pacemakers
  • 10th October 2019: Critical Care and the ageing population
  • 14th November 2019: Bedside Monitoring
  • 12th December 2019: Transplant
  • 9th January 2020: Respiratory and ventilation
  • 13th February 2020: Paediatrics
  • 12th March 2020: The ABCs of Critical Care
  • 9th April 2020: Mechanical support devices
  • 14th May 2020: Simple things: getting the basics right
  • 11th June 2020: Outcomes and endpoints

Other regional societies also host meetings throughout the year



ICS (www.ics.ac.uk)

State of the Art Meeting – December (www.ics.ac.uk/ics-homepage/state-of-the-art-meeting)

Joint Intensive Care Symposium with FICM - September

The ICS also host a number of seminars, core topic and other meetings throughout the year. See their website for more details.

FICM (www.ficm.ac.uk)

FICM Annual Meeting - March

ACCP conference – June (www.ficm.ac.uk/ficm-events/accp-conference)

Joint Intensive Care Symposium with ICS – September

AAGBI (www.aagbi.org)

Winter Scientific Meeting – January (www.wsmlondon.org)

GAT Annual Scientific Meeting - June (www.gatasm.org)

Annual Congress – September (www.annualcongress.org)

The AAGBI also host a number of seminars, core topic and other meetings throughout the year. See their website for more details.

RCoA (www.rcoa.ac.uk/content/events)

Anniversary Meeting - March

Annual Congress - May (www.rcoa.ac.uk/education-and-events/rcoa-annual-congress)

Recent Advances - 3 times annually

Joint Royal College of Anaesthetists and Scottish Society of Anaesthetists Winter Scientific Meeting, RCoA, London 13.11.14 – 14.11.14

Current Concepts Symposium November

The RCoA also host a number of other meetings throughout the year. See their website for more details. Other regional intensive care society events are hosted throughout the year. See their websites for more information.

North of England ICS Spring Meeting - March, Middlesborough

Critical Care Symposium - April, Manchester



International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Brussels – March (www.intensive.org)

ESICM Annual Congress – October (www.esicm.org/events/next-congress)

SCCM Annual Congress – January (www.sccm.org/Education-Center/Annual-Congress)

ANZICS/ACCCM Annual Scientific Meeting – October (www.intensivecareasm.com.au/2014)

Annual Meeting of The European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care - June (https://espnic-online.org)


Sponsored events

From time to time SICS agree to advertise sponsored events. Details will be given here.