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Statement from the SICS on Standing Order payments, 6th January 2019

Member's of the Scottish Intensive Care Society are advised that as of today's date (6th January 2019), Standing Order is no longer an accepted payment method for membership of the society. The SICS and the AAGBI Specialist Societies team, who maintain our membership, have made major efforts over many years to inform those paying by Standing Order that this should be cancelled and changed to a Direct Debit. 

Member's who pay their subscription by Standing Order should inform their bank to cancel it. Member's wishing to continue their membership can visit the how to join page of the website for guidance on setting up a Direct Debit or can contact the AAGBI Specialist Societies team (sics@anaesthetists.org) for assistance. SICS membership will lapse 3 months from the renewal due date for all those who do not organise payment by an alternative means. Any Standing Order payments received after this date will be used to support the Societies work in line with our constitution "to promote knowledge and practice pertaining to Intensive Care Medicine in Scotland, and to provide a forum for the dissemination of information and the representation of its members".

The Scottish Intensive Care Society, 6th January 2019