"improving intensive care in Scotland"

Useful Documents

If there is a document that you think might be useful to colleagues that is not listed here please contact the SICS Honorary Secretary on honsec@scottishintensivecare.org.uk

Scottish Documents

IV fluid and electrolyte guidanceAdult IV fluid and electrolyte presciption (2014) - click here to download [350KB]

Drug dosing at extremes of body weight in ICUDrug dosing in extremes of body weight in ICU (2013) - click here to download [470KB]

Minimum infusion volumes in ICUMinimum infusion volumes in ICU (2012) - click here to download [560KB]

Antivirals for influenza in ICUAntivirals for influenza in ICU (2011) - click here to download [400KB]

UKCPA Delirium ResourceUKCPA Delirium Resource (2006) - click here to download [440KB] 

SPSP Paediatric Sepsis 6SPSP Paediatric Sepsis 6 - click here to download [204KB]


UK documents

Core Standards for ICUs 2013Core Standards for ICUs (2013) - click here to download [1.15MB]