"improving intensive care in Scotland"

SICS Nutrition Group

Current Chair: Dr. Marcia McDougall

The group was started in October 2006 to examine issues surrounding nutritional practices in Scottish ICUs, following a survey carried out in 2005-2006, which demonstrated wide variations in practices across Scotland (click here to see the results). This section of the SICS website aims to foster interest in critical care nutrition in Scotland.

The audit section provides suggested audit tools for you to audit nutritional practice in your ICU with an emphasis on achievement of nutritional goals and to identify areas for improvement. There is also an HDU audit tool. 

For an educational overview of ICU nutrition, see the nutrition module and this 2014 update [5MB].

Current members of the group include:

Pharmacy Representative: Alan Timmins, NHS Fife
Dietitian Representative: Janice McKinlay, NHS Aberdeen
Nutrition Nurse Representative: Craig Hurnauth
General membership: ICU consultants, dietitians, nurses and pharmacists.  Biochemists and surgeons involved in ICU nutrition are also welcome.

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Contact us

email Marcia on Marcia.mcdougall@nhs.net 

Ultimate aim:

To inform and improve Scottish intensive care nutritional practice in line with best evidence. The group meets at Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline.  Frequency of meetings has fallen in recent years but twice yearly meetings will be the aim from 2014.

Specific objectives:

1.  To provide a forum for multidisciplinary discussion of nutritional issues affecting ICUs in Scotland.
2.  To review available guidelines on intensive care nutrition.
3.  To improve nutrition education for medical and nursing staff in intensive care.
4.  To present relevant topics at SICS meetings with the purpose of stimulating interest in nutrition 
5.  To identify and support research and audit being done in Scotland in ICU nutrition.
6.  To identify issues of local concern which may have national implications.
7.  To share experiences of different feeding methods and equipment.
8.  To develop nutritional audit in Scotland and encourage participation in international ventures.
9.  To develop protocols based on best practice and to improvement nutritional assessment in ICU.