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Best practice statements and protocols

Best practice statements

These statements have been developed by members of the SICS Nutrition Group and reviewed by the group with the aim of providing guidance on practical issues.  Wherever possible they are based on the available evidence which may be scarce in some of these areas.  They are not intended to be rigid guidelines.

  • Adding water to enteral feeds - click here

  • Size descriptors and drug dosing - click here

  • Use of mid arm circumference in ICU - click here


The protocols provided here are used in hospitals in Scotland.  You are welcome to use them or parts of them but please acknowledge the authors if using the complete protocol. 

Health Board Name of protocol

NHS Fife

1. Confirmation of correct NG tube position - click here

2. ICU nutritional screening tool - click here

3. ICU nutrition care pathway - click here

4. Enteral starter feeding regimen - click here

5. Parenteral starter feeding regimen - click here

NHS Lothian

1. 24 hour nasogastric feeding protocol - click here

2. Nasojejunal feeding protocol - click here

3. Jejunostomy feeding protocol - click here


1. Guidelines for the introduction of enteral feed in the critically ill patient - click here

2. Guidelines for bowel management in neurosurgical patients - click here

NHS Forth Valley

1. Procedure for starting enteral feeding in ITU - click here