"improving intensive care in Scotland"

Trainee award

This is a prestigious annual opportunity for a trainee SICS member to present their work at the SICSAG/NRS Critical Care Specialty Group Meeting in September.

This prize is awarded to a project or research that demonstrates any of the following:

  • Original research into an area relevant to critical illness

The winning entrant will be the guest of the Society at the next SICS Annual Scientific Meeting, including accomodation and meeting registration costs.

Applicants should be SICS members who are trainee medical staff working in Scotland at the time of entry.

Joining the Society at the time of application is acceptable.

The closing date for application is usually end of June each year. Entries will be judged by a panel of members of the SICS and NRS Critical Care Specialty Group.


Open to: all trainee SICS members

Closing date: 30th July 2018

Contact: Ruth.MacDonald@ed.ac.uk

More details: click here