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Diagnosis and management of epilepsy in adults


Critical Care Lothian, Emergency Intubation Checklist

NHS Lothian Critical Care, Intra-hospital Transfer Checklist  

NHS Lothian Management of Sub-Arachnoid Haemorrhage (SAH)

NHSBT Approaching the families of potential organ donors

Tissue donation assessment form

Tissue donation flowchart

NHSBT Organ Donation Quick Reference Guide

NHSBT DBD Donor optimisation extended care bundle


Section 8

Organ donation

Section 7

Brain death

Section 6

Management of seizures and raised ICP

Section 5

Neuro intensive

care management

Section 4

Physiology in neurological emergencies

Section 3

Specialist transfer

Section 2

ICU initial management

Section 1

Referral to ICU

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