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SICS Trainees Group

The SICS Trainees Group exists to promote Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) among trainees from all base specialties in Scotland, to encourage education in ICM, to represent the views of Scottish trainees with an interest in ICM, to promote trainee activity in nationwide audit through the audit share project and to encourage social links between ICM trainees. The group was established in 2007, evolving from the Group of Intensive Care Trainees in Scotland (GITS) formed by an enthusiastic group of advanced trainees in ICM in 2002.

A steering committee (see below) elected annually or biannually oversees the various activities of the group.


The group organises the popular annual SICS Education Meeting.  There are also a number of other meetings arranged each year such as those for advanced trainees in ICM. 

The audit lead co-ordinates a national audit each year with local investigators helping out. This often leads to a journal publication.

The group also represents trainees on the SICS Council and sub-committees such as the Education & Training and SICSAG committees.

The group maintain a national network of trainee 'linkmen' to help with the national audit and other activities.

Getting involved with the Trainee Group

If you would like to be kept informed about SICS Trainees Group activities and matters affecting ICM interested trainees in Scotland, please email us or join us on facebook.

To vote on issues affecting the group or become involved in the committee you must be a member of the SICS and we encourage all trainees interested in ICM to join the Society. Membership offers a wide range of benefits - go to the membership section to find out more.

SICS Trainees Committee

There are four positions on the SICS Trainees Committee: chairman, secretary, education lead and audit share lead.  A position on the committee is for a maximum of two years or until CCT (whichever is shorter).  The only application requirements are to be an SICS member, to hold a training post in Scotland and to be enthusiastic.  Trainees at any stage in their training are welcome to apply.


Claire Adams

The chair's responsibilities are to represent the Committee on Council, set the agenda for meetings of the Committee and oversee and facilitate the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Group.

Andrew is a Specialty registrar in anaesthetics and critical care in the West of Scotland deanery. Contact details via sicstrainees@gmail.com


Andrew McGuire

The Secretary manages the membership list, takes minutes of meetings of the Committee and ensures dissemination of the activities of the Committee to the Trainee's Group membership. They liaise with the SICS Honorary Secretary. They manage the SICS Trainees Group Facebook page and any other social media pages the group maintain.  The Secretary is responsible for the dissemination of information to Regional Linkmen.

Claire is a Specialty registrar in anaesthetics and critical care in the South East deanery. Contact details via sicstrainees@gmail.com

Education lead

Rose Mudie

The Education/Meetings Coordinator takes a leadership role in the organisation of educational activities of the group.  These include the annual SICS Education Meeting and the Education Days.  They also sit on the SICS Education & Training Group.

Rose is a Specialty registrar in critical care South East deanery. Contact details via sicstrainees@gmail.com

Audit share lead

Kyle Gibson

The Audit-Share Coordinator takes the lead role in running the Audit Share project. They also sit on the SICSAG steering group.

Kyle is a Specialty registrar in anaesthetics and critical care South East deanery. Contact details via sicstrainees@gmail.com

Getting involved with the Trainee Committee...

The opening of the application process will be advertised to all trainee members and applicants should be proposed and seconded by two other SICS trainee members. In the event that there are more than four applicants then an electronic vote of trainee members is arranged.  The results of the elections are announced at the AGM in January.

The new Trainees Committee is off and running; contact us if you have any queries...

SICS Trainees Day run twice per year

Contact us at sicstrainees@gmail.com if you'd like hear more about it...

Trainee education day Sept 2014

Audit Share Project - contact us if you're interested in getting involved.

Contact us

email: sicstrainees@gmail.com

facebook: sicstrainees@groups.facebook.com


Read our Trainee Committee constitution here...